My passion is helping people learn skills that will take them to the top!! If you gain the right coaching and tools, amazing things will happen for you. I am the #1 leader in my company and I have helped hundreds of people go from frustrated with their business, to top leaders in direct sales. It just takes a little help sometimes. I am here to help you move to the TOP!!!

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Welcome to my website! First things first, I should probably introduce myself… My name is Kris Carlson I am an Independent Sales Consultant with direct sales company, which is mostly known for their microfiber cleaning cloths.

I absolutely love my job! I love that my job allows me to improve lives by reducing chemicals in people’s homes. My job has completely changed my life in so many good ways and that’s why I’m here sharing it with you.

It all started when my husband Brad lost his job in 2009 and we were faced with some tough decisions…Read More About Kris

This is YOUR time to shine!  

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Valentine’s Day: 5 Ways To Show Your Customers Some Love

valentines day, direct sales, succeed and shine training, customer appreciation, customer service, love,

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and no matter how you feel about the holiday, we can agree that it’s always a good time to show someone you care about them. That includes your significant other, your children, extended family and friends…and yes, those who support your business! Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to reach out to your customers, hostesses, your online communities, and those who have referred you to others. Here are some fun ways to celebrate your customers during…

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“Working” In My Direct Sales Dream

Brad and I are down at the beach this week getting a taste of what the term “empty nester” will be all about while Isabel spends some time in Florida with her friend.  Pure sadness and sweetness! As I’ve been working at our beach house this week I am reminded of my early days with my direct sales business.  When I started I had no idea where it would take me.  I had a why for my business to help pay…

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Launch Parties Are The Key To Starting A Successful Direct Sales Business

launch party, direct sales, party plan, succeed and shine

You guys…having a Direct Sales business isn’t hard. I think they’re a lot of things that qualify as “hard” in life, and getting to meet new people, sell products that you love, and help others be able to add an additional stream of income to their family doesn’t qualify. But, I know that as human beings we tend to overthink thing and make them more complicated than they have to be as we worry about all the “what-ifs”. So today,…

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Time Management For Work At Home Moms (12/28/2018)

time management, productivity, direct sales, work at home moms, planner, calendar blocking, succeed and shine

Time management is a subject I’m asked about often. When I started my direct sales business over 9 years ago, I had all 3 of my children at home. Today, my youngest is in college, my oldest daughter is getting married, and my son is thriving. They don’t need me in the same way they did when I started my business, but they need me in different ways. I still have to manage my time, prioritize what matters, and make sure I’m consistently doing those income producing activities that will grow my business.

So how do I do it? With planning!

I’m a huge fan of calendar blocking. Did you know the actions I take to book parties, recruit new team members, chat with my leaders and team members…all those things are on my calendar so I don’t forget. Not only that, so many of those actions take only 15 minutes a few times a week.

That’s the thing about this business, it doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. You only have to plan for it, make it a priority and do it consistently. The bookings will come. The new team members will come. And the best part— your family will be better for it! It’s so important to me that when my husband comes home, or my daughter wants to do wedding planning activities, that I can just go do it without sacrificing what I need for my business.

The best part of this business is the flexibility, but just because we’re flexible does not mean our business is optional! I talked a little bit about time management in a recent podcast with my new friend Tricia Edmundson, a top-level leader with Thirty-One Gifts. Like us, she has figured out how to achieve great harmony between her marriage, her children, and her business.

When you get to that place, everything just seems to click! So here are some of my best tips on time management.

What was your favorite tip from this video? Do you have any to add? Comment below and let me know!

38: How To Answer Common Questions From A Potential New Direct Sales Team Member (7/6/2018)

On this episode of Succeed And Shine with Kris Carlson, Kris talks about the importance of adding new team members to your direct sales business and shares how she answers some commonly asked questions during the recruiting process.

Leave your commonly asked direct sales recruiting questions in the comments below!



37: Skipping The Sale For Your Direct Sales Business (4/11/2018)

On this episode of Succeed And Shine with Kris Carlson, Kris talks about the importance of skipping the sale. She explains how everything in the direct sales industry comes second to booking parties and how critical getting bookings is to the success of your business.

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36: Best Tools For Your Direct Sales Business (2/14/2018)

On this episode of Succeed And Shine with Kris Carlson, Kris talks about the tools she uses for her direct sales business. She talks about everything from party invites to customer follow up. 

Are there tools you use for your direct sales business that Kris didn’t mention? Post them in the comments! 

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35: New Year, New Mindset (1/5/2018)

On this episode of Succeed And Shine with Kris Carlson, Kris talks about having a new mindset in the new year. Kris shares her process of goal setting and explains how she aligns her calendar with her goals to achieve them.

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Working with Kris as my mentor has been such a growing experience. From our first training call, when she asked if I had my 6 parties booked, she had set the barre just a little beyond what I thought I could do but at the same time, within the parameters of what I wanted for myself, my family, and my business. She has taught me to be independent, as she never coddles, but always guides and teaches that I CAN do HARD things and provides all the training I need to do them. Kris believed in me the moment she saw I would do the work but more importantly, she instilled this incredible belief within me.. My confidence has grown to levels I never would have thought possible. I now know, I CAN run an incredible business leading a team of many personalities and do it very well. And yet, she is still here to work along side me sharing ideas, guiding me, and still, setting that barre a little beyond my comfort zone allowing me to continue to grow.

Laura Little, Vice President Sales Leader, NC

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