45: The Fortune in Follow-Up

Following up with your customers should be part of your business strategy! Not only that, it’s just good customer service. In this episode, Kris Carlson, a Top Direct Sales Leader, shares her best practices for following up.

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valentines day, direct sales, succeed and shine training, customer appreciation, customer service, love,

Valentine’s Day: 5 Ways To Show Your Customers Some Love

valentines day, direct sales, succeed and shine training, customer appreciation, customer service, love,

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and no matter how you feel about the holiday, we can agree that it’s always a good time to show someone you care about them. That includes your significant other, your children, extended family and friends…and yes, those who support your business!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to reach out to your customers, hostesses, your online communities, and those who have referred you to others.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate your customers during Valentine’s Day:

1. Send a Heartfelt THANK YOU email.
Simple, right? Sometimes just telling other’s you appreciate them and showing gratitude is the BEST option. Making it personal by sending them direct communication (an email, a private message, etc.) just takes that level of care up a notch.

2. Send a FREE Printable!
For your customers and hostesses that are Moms, chances are they’re busy. By sending them a cute, easy, but unique Valentine’s Day printable takes something off their (long) to do list! You can find a ton of these on Pinterest! Here’s a link to a board where I’ve already stashed some of my favorites, just for you!

3. Offer a Wishlist Service
Using Google Docs or a similar program, have your customers fill out their very own wishlist. Then email them a fun poem, or meme that has your contact information on it. All they have to do is forward to their spouse and you can take care of the rest!

4. Offer a Discount
Everyone loves to save! Choose a few items that you LOVE and offer those at a discount. Or better yet, let them choose the item they LOVE the best to make it even more special.

5. Leave Them LOVE notes on Social Media!
This will be a BIG HIT for your customers whose Love Language is Words of Affirmation. Leave them a post on their wall sharing something simple you love about them. It’s the perfect pick-me-up and you just might change their whole day!

How simple were these fun ideas? They’ll go a long way in making an impression with the people who support your business!

I’d love to hear below in the comments what other fun ideas you have, or which one of these 5 you’re going to implement!

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time management, productivity, direct sales, work at home moms, planner, calendar blocking, succeed and shine

Time Management For Work At Home Moms

time management, productivity, direct sales, work at home moms, planner, calendar blocking, succeed and shine

Time management is a subject I’m asked about often. When I started my direct sales business over 9 years ago, I had all 3 of my children at home. Today, my youngest is in college, my oldest daughter is getting married, and my son is thriving. They don’t need me in the same way they did when I started my business, but they need me in different ways. I still have to manage my time, prioritize what matters, and make sure I’m consistently doing those income producing activities that will grow my business.

So how do I do it? With planning!

I’m a huge fan of calendar blocking. Did you know the actions I take to book parties, recruit new team members, chat with my leaders and team members…all those things are on my calendar so I don’t forget. Not only that, so many of those actions take only 15 minutes a few times a week.

That’s the thing about this business, it doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. You only have to plan for it, make it a priority and do it consistently. The bookings will come. The new team members will come. And the best part— your family will be better for it! It’s so important to me that when my husband comes home, or my daughter wants to do wedding planning activities, that I can just go do it without sacrificing what I need for my business.

The best part of this business is the flexibility, but just because we’re flexible does not mean our business is optional! I talked a little bit about time management in a recent podcast with my new friend Tricia Edmundson, a top-level leader with Thirty-One Gifts. Like us, she has figured out how to achieve great harmony between her marriage, her children, and her business.

When you get to that place, everything just seems to click! So here are some of my best tips on time management.

What was your favorite tip from this video? Do you have any to add? Comment below and let me know!

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launch party, direct sales, party plan, succeed and shine

Launch Parties Are The Key To Starting A Successful Direct Sales Business

You guys…having a Direct Sales business isn’t hard.

I think they’re a lot of things that qualify as “hard” in life, and getting to meet new people, sell products that you love, and help others be able to add an additional stream of income to their family doesn’t qualify.

But, I know that as human beings we tend to overthink thing and make them more complicated than they have to be as we worry about all the “what-ifs”. So today, I want to take one thing off your list of things to worry about— and that’s how to ensure you start (or restart) your direct sales business off with a BANG!

Are you ready to hear the secret to success?

  1. Enroll.
  2. Choose 2 dates on your calendar to have launch parties to invite over your family and friends.
  3. “Pre-book” as many family and friends as you can, while you’re inviting them to your launch party.
  4. Focus on booking parties at each show.

    That’s your formula! Simple, right?

    Take a look at this video where I break it ALL down for you! Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to having so much fun, making great money, and meeting new friends! That sounds like the definition of success to me.

Another fun thing about this formula is that it works at anytime, not just when you’re brand new! If you need to restart or breathe new life into your business, take this same approach. Host your own launch party, just like when you first started. As you call to invite your friends, family, past customers, and hostesses you’ll feel the excitement return and your momentum will build.

I want to hear from you! Did you start your business off with a launch party or two? Let me know your favorite piece of advice in the comments!

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Should I Involve My Kids In My Direct Sales Business?

This time of year always makes me reflect. I am so grateful for the time I have had with Isabel this last year before she graduates. She has been so busy applying to colleges, and the essays she has had to write for her college applications have been so incredible and inspiring to me. I love to hear her story and what being a part of direct sales has meant to her.  Being involved in the different aspects of my direct sales business has helped Isabel in so many different areas of her life, from her confidence to being able to speak in front of people. It has been so unbelievable to see her grow into the empowered young business woman that she is!

This past summer Isabel was able to do her internship with me working as an executive assistant for my direct sales business. On the last day of Isabel’s internship we decided to make a video and share her experiences and how she feels about being a part of my direct sales business. We talk about everything from her favorite parts of being involve in my direct sales business to what she’s learned interning with me this summer. When people ask me, “Is it a good idea to include my family and kids in my direct sales business?” my answer is yes, 100 percent, incorporate them in your business! It has been a pretty amazing experience for Isabel (who was 10 when I first started) to be a part of it all!

We had so much fun making this together and hope you all enjoy. Be sure to leave your questions and comments below!



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