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Should I Involve My Kids In My Direct Sales Business?

This time of year always makes me reflect. I am so grateful for the time I have had with Isabel this last year before she graduates. She has been so busy applying to colleges, and the essays she has had to write for her college applications have been so incredible and inspiring to me. I love to hear her story and what being a part of direct sales has meant to her.  Being involved in the different aspects of my direct sales business has helped Isabel in so many different areas of her life, from her confidence to being able to speak in front of people. It has been so unbelievable to see her grow into the empowered young business woman that she is!

This past summer Isabel was able to do her internship with me working as an executive assistant for my direct sales business. On the last day of Isabel’s internship we decided to make a video and share her experiences and how she feels about being a part of my direct sales business. We talk about everything from her favorite parts of being involve in my direct sales business to what she’s learned interning with me this summer. When people ask me, “Is it a good idea to include my family and kids in my direct sales business?” my answer is yes, 100 percent, incorporate them in your business! It has been a pretty amazing experience for Isabel (who was 10 when I first started) to be a part of it all!

We had so much fun making this together and hope you all enjoy. Be sure to leave your questions and comments below!



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Are Leveraging Black Friday In Your Direct Sales Business?

Did you know Black Friday is a the biggest shopping day of the whole year? Hundreds of millions of people are out shopping to get the best deals for the holiday season. Why not leverage that momentum and bring in some extra sales for your direct sales business? In my opinion, everyone who has a direct sales business should have a Black Friday sale. It’s crazy not to! With a little prep, a Black Friday sale is really easy to do and a great way to give back to your customers for all of their love and support throughout the year. Here are some quick tips to help you have a successful Black Friday sale for your direct sales business:

How Do I Have A Black Friday Sale And Still Enjoy The Holiday Weekend With Family?

If you are considering skipping a sale on Black Friday because you don’t want to work over the holiday weekend, don’t! I love spending the weekend with my family so I  prep everything ahead of time and make it clear to my customers that this is an online thing. They email, text or call me with their orders and then, later in the week I go back through all of the messages, check the timestamps, and place their orders. I have found over the years that this makes the sale super easy for both me and my customers!

How Big Of A Discount Should I Give For My Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday is really the only time during the year that I personally offer a sale. I feel like my direct sales company is generous enough with monthly sales and flash sales throughout the year that I don’t really need to offer more. So for my Black Friday sale I like to really give back to my customers and offer a huge discount. I offer a 30% off, 25% off, and 20% off discount that is tiered throughout the day. I do give up part of my commission but I feel like it’s worth it to show my customers how much I appreciate their support throughout the year.

How Do I Make An Image For My Black Friday Sale?

I use an app called Canva to make my Black Friday Image. This app is (mostly) free and makes it super easy to create a custom image. I recommend keeping your Black Friday sale image super simple. Don’t make it complicated with a lot of words or people will just delete it. Everyone is busy this time of year so it’s really important that your sale image is very clearly laid out.  


How Do I Reach My Direct Sales Customer on Black Friday?

It’s best to communicate with your customers in three different ways to ensure you reach everyone. I will be posting/sending out my Black Friday sale through my Facebook VIP group, text messages and email. To help keep things simple, I will be using the same image in all three places.

Sharing Your Black Friday Sale In Your Facebook VIP Group

If you don’t already have a Facebook VIP Group I highly recommend creating one. It’s really easy to do and a great place to interact with customers. Before Black Friday make sure you post about your VIP Group on your personal Facebook page asking customers to join your group. I don’t share my direct sales business on my personal page often but I do post this so customers who have become friends have the chance to join my VIP Group and see the sale.

Here is a sample of the verbiage I use in my post:
“If you’re a customer of mine, I’d love to add you to my VIP page! This is the time of
year where you don’t want to miss out!
Please comment below if you’d like me to add you.
Once you’re on the inside…feel free to add your friends who are also customers of
mine who may not see this post.
Have a wonderful week!
*** This is only for my customers, not consultants.***

A few days before Black Friday I will be posting my catalog link in my VIP group. This will give my customers time to prepare and it will also give them time to reach out to friends and family who may want to take advantage of my sale. For my Black Friday post in my Facebook VIP Group, I will be using Facebook’s scheduling feature to post my image. This is a built in Facebook feature that is super easy to use and makes it so you don’t have to worry about posting the day of.

Sharing Your Black Friday Sale Through Text Messages

I recently started using a text messaging app called Skipio and I have to tell you, it’s AMAZING! You don’t have to use a texting service to send out your Black Friday sale but if you have a lot of customers I highly recommend it. Last week in prep for Black Friday I sent out a text message with a picture I made in the Canva app letting my customers know that I will be having a sale. I asked them to opt-in by texting me back so I know they are interested in the sale. Just like in my Facebook VIP group, I will be texting out a message a few days before Black Friday with a link to my catalog.  I have prepared my Black Friday text in advance with my image and that will be texted out to anyone who texted back.

Sharing Your Black Friday Sale Through Email Messages

When reaching out to my customers through email I will be using the same approach as I am with my VIP Group and Texting. I have an email program that makes it easy to email all of my customers at once but, if you don’t have a program you use, you can send out your Black Friday sale through your regular email. I will be emailing my catalog link a few days beforehand and my pre prepped email with the Black Friday image will be sent out for Black Friday.

When Should I Post My Black Friday Sale?

If you are having a traditional Black Friday sale, I suggest sending out the image on the morning of Thanksgiving. A lot of people like to plan their Black Friday purchases on Thanksgiving day and it lets customers know in advance that my biggest discount starts at midnight. If have decided to do your sale on Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday and are using a discount scale similar to mine where the biggest discount is in the middle of the night, I suggest posting your image ahead of time. If you are just doing one discount amount for the entire day, posting the morning of works as well.

I hope these tips show you just how easy it is to have a Black Friday sale! Be sure to leave your comments below if you have any questions and I would love to hear what you’ve decided to do for your Black Friday sale!

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Will You Let ‘No’ Stop Your Direct Sales Business?

Where would your direct sales business be if you decided not to let the “noes” stop you?

I can so relate to the story in this video! When I decided to take a risk and move my family to North Carolina I had no idea how hard it was going to be to get my direct sales business restarted. I was launching an area where no one knew my product and it was difficult to get people excited about microfiber. I did tons of vendor events and had parties where people would cancel because no one wanted to come. There were many times that I could have quit, but at the end of the day I knew the importance of having a vision that’s bigger than what’s going on today. I believed in the mission of my company, and knew the business opportunity was going to be huge!

In the beginning I had to tell myself that if I heard just one more ‘no’ there would be a ‘yes’ and more ‘yeses’ would come. Sometimes it’s just about having a vision for your direct sales business, and believing in it so strongly that you can push through. I would tell people: “This rocket ship is going to take off with or without you on it, so you may as well jump on because this market is going to boom and the opportunity is going to be huge! It’s going to change so many people’s lives!” I truly believed this in my core and had to cling to it many, many times. Even when it was hard, I just kept going. I took one little step at a time, and slowly the buzz, excitement, and momentum came. Sometimes it really is just about continuing to take one step after another!

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Motivation Monday – Motivational quotes for Direct Sales

Everyone needs a little bit of motivation in there lives and as I’ve talked about it previous training, mindset is everything in the direct sales business. I find that the skills to be successful in the network marketing world are pretty basic, but if the mindset isn’t right, success will be hard to come by.

I have been sharing motivational quotes on Facebook and Instagram for a while now and thought I should share them with my blog readers as well!  Here are some of the recent motivational quotes I have shared.

#MotivationMonday - Don't wish for it, work for it! Are you working toward your dreams today? #MotivationMonday - Excuses will always be there, opportunity will not. 

#MotivationMonday – Don’t wish for it, work for it!
Are you working toward your dreams today?

#MotivationMonday – Excuses will always be there, opportunity will not.

#MotivationMonday - Our Greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to always try just one more time.  #MotivationMonday -You can do hard things!

#MotivationMonday – Our Greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to always try just one more time.

#MotivationMonday -You can do hard things!

#MotivationMonday - Shine so brightly that others have no choice but to light up with you.  #MotivationMonday -There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs. 

#MotivationMonday – Shine so brightly that others have no choice but to light up with you.

#MotivationMonday -There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

#MotivationMonday - One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.  #MotivationMonday - One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. 

#MotivationMonday – One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.

#MotivationMonday – One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.

As with all my training, feel free to use these images and motivational quotes with your team and for your own personal growth and success. If you do use my images, I just ask that you link back here to my page.

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September Booking Blitz Challenge With A Twist!

This time of year is my favorite time for my direct sales business. The kids are back in school, the house is feeling warm and cozy and it is a really great party season!

As many of you have heard me say, the direct sales business is a momentum business and some of the best parties I and other top leaders on my team have had are quick turn around parties. Booking a party a week out may be one of your best parties because of the momentum and excitement! So, here is my challenge for you, I want to see what will happen if we do a booking blitz and, the challenge is, all of the parties have to be closed by the end of September! Think about where is your party plan calendar right now. Is it where you want it to be? Use these next few weeks in September help launch your biggest holiday season ever for your direct sales business!

Booking Blitz Challenge!

Live Booking Blitz Challenge! Let's encourage each other and share our success!! Comment below as you get new bookings!

Posted by Succeed and Shine Training on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Click the video to play and if you haven’t already,
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for more live videos and direct sales training!

I am challenging you to get out there and call, text, email, Facebook message and get started!

Some verbiage you can use for my September Direct Sales Booking Blitz Challenge: We’re doing a team thing together, me and a whole bunch of teammates, and we’ve got a challenge to get as many bookings as we can on our calendar by the end of September and we have to close them. I thought of you right away because I know you’ve been thinking about doing a party. The first three people that book and close by the end of the month get in a drawing for (YOUR GIVE AWAY HERE – this can be anything you want. This is your direct sales business so the options are endless!).

You can book your party for next week. What I have found is that often the best parties are when you get that invite out right away and it’s next week on Wednesday. It’s a quick turnaround, people know what their calendars are at that point and it’s just fun. It’s a fun last minute get together. If we have five people there, that’s awesome! If we have three people there, that’s awesome! But the first three people that jump on this are getting this huge incentive from me to try it out!

Why “Fire Parties”? Why Do They Need To Book Their Party And Close In September?

Some of you may be wondering why do the booking blitz challenge this way, why have what I will call direct sales “fire parties”.  Well, the reason is because what you do with your direct sales party plan business today determines your business 90 days from now. That’s the general rule. What your party plan calendar looks like right now, will be what your direct sales business looks like in 90 days. It’s really important to keep that momentum going! Right now, we are sitting in September, fall season is upon us and we are getting ready to go into our biggest selling season of the year. What if we got busy and get these last minute fire parties filling our direct sales calendar for the end of September?  What if you did this knowing that doing so would launch the biggest holiday selling season for your direct sales business? Also, not to get too far ahead, but you will be thankful you spend this next week or two getting bookings on your calendar come January!

So, what do you think will happen? How many parties do you think you can get on your books and close by the end of the month?

If you want to join in the fun challenge on this video and post along with others in direct sales, you can comment as you get parties booked on the video on my Facebook page!

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