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Life Is 10% What Happens To You and 90% How You Deal With It.

Is Your Mindset Making Your Direct Sales Business Fail?

One thing I love about the direct sales industry is that you can make this job whatever you want it. If you are new to the business and just starting out or if you have been in the business for a while and need some help getting more parties, re-launching after a break, or you just want to build your direct sales business further, changing your mindset is the first place to start.

In my opinion, the direct sales industry requires you to use a very basic skill set. Now, I’m not saying that it isn’t difficult, direct sales can be very difficult at times, what I’m saying is at least 70% of this job is how you manage what’s up in your head. It’s not the skillsets! It’s what are you telling yourself!! How are you talking to yourself? How are you dealing with your mindset? In direct sales, if you don’t have a positive mindset, it is going to be virtually impossible for you to be successful in this business.

Life Is 10% What Happens To You and 90% How You Deal With It.

When you start your direct sales business, you are now an entrepreneur. You’re going to face challenges. You are going to have things come up that are hard, but at the end of the day, it is your business and having the proper mindset is going to be what makes your business succeed. So be aware of what you are telling yourself and change your mindset to match your dreams.

When things get hard with your direct sales business, if you have set dreams you will be able to remind yourself about what you’re working for. So, you may be wondering how you do that. My suggestion is to get a piece of paper and writing out these questions. Take your time answering them. This is important!
1. Why did you join this business?
2. What do you plan to do with the income from your business? (DREAM HERE! Don’t be afraid to really dream!!)
3. In order to achieve your goals, how many hours a week are you willing to work on your business?
4. How many parties a month can you do (if your in the party plan business)?
Now, the most crucial part – Sign the paper and make yourself a promise and commitment. Then, hang it where you can see it everyday and really make your dreams your priority.

As you dream, make sure you dream BIG! These need to be big scary dreams!! Get out of be every morning and be open to whatever comes your way that day. Doing this will change your mindset and help you achieve your goals!

So, my question for you is, what are you doing every day to change your mindset? Are you committing to yourself and your dreams?

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“Working” In My Direct Sales Dream

Brad and I are down at the beach this week getting a taste of what the term “empty nester” will be all about while Isabel spends some time in Florida with her friend.  Pure sadness and sweetness!

As I’ve been working at our beach house this week I am reminded of my early days with my direct sales business.  When I started I had no idea where it would take me.  I had a why for my business to help pay for some bills when Brad had lost his job.  The key is… I had a why!

My “why” has changed so many times in my direct sales career but I have always had one and realized the importance of my why!  My dream was to have a beach house some day and that became my why at one point in my direct sales business as well.  A beach house seemed like a CRAZY why to put out there but guess what… it happened!! 

As I am reflecting, I’ve asked myself, what if I had not dreamed and gone big with my why?  Would I be down here this week working my direct sales business from my beach house?  If I’m being honest, I don’t think I would be.  Over the years, things have been hard with my direct sales business and at times I have wanted to quit. 

Have you ever felt that way with your business?

But, my why has kept me focused on the big picture of why I am doing what I am doing instead of how hard it feels during a difficult time. Do you have a BIG why for your life and direct sales business??  If you don’t, I challenge you to think about it, pick a why, and go for it!!  It will change everything!

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Welcome to the Succeed and Shine Training Blog

Welcome to the succeed and shine training blog.

Welcome to the Succeed And Shine Training blog! In this blog, you will find posts focused on helping you grow your direct sales business.

About Kris Carlson: In 2009 my ex-husband suddenly lost his corporate America job. At the time, I was a stay at home mom, so all of our income came from his paychecks. This put our family in a scary situation and I knew I needed to do something to help. I was introduced to a product that just knew was something special so I went to work building my business and my team.  When I started, I did it with the intention of gaining financial freedom, but through this journey of becoming a top leader I have met so many incredible people, found some of my best friends and realized my true passion is helping others be successful with their own direct sales business.

About Succeed And Shine Training: Over the years as I have grown my direct sales team, I noticed that the industry as a whole is lacking training. Traditionally, we rely on our up-line, who may be almost as new as we are, to help us figure out how to grow our team and create a successful business.  A little over a year ago, I decided to create a podcast to help train my downline when I couldn’t be there. These podcasts have become widely used, not just by my team members, but by others in the industry as well.

About The Blog: On this blog I will share my tips on how to be successful in the direct sales industry. Over the years, I have loved helping others create successful businesses that have helped them achieve financial freedom. I hope that you will find them useful for you business and can share them to help make others on your team successful.

Who Is It For: This blog, and website overall is for anyone who is already in the direct sales industry or anyone who is considering joining the direct sales industry. I will not be gearing these blog posts or the podcasts toward any specific company, but for the direct sales industry as a whole. You will find posts geared toward newbies, top leaders and anywhere in between. My hope is to create a community where we can support each other and help each other grow.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to visit Succeed And Shine Training site and learn a little bit about me and what i have to offer. Feel free to contact me for more information! Also, please consider subscribing and engaging in discussions here on the blog! I also encourage you to listen and subscribe to the Succeed And Shine Podcasts. We will be posting here and on our social media sites asking for your questions monthly!

Thank you for reading and visiting! I can’t wait to hear about all your success

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