Hostess Coaching Tips & Tricks for Direct Sales Consultants

One of the most important aspects of having a successful party is to work with your hostess. Setting your hostess up for success is just as important to your business as your sales. Effective hostess coaching is how you are able to do this.

Before we dive into hostess coaching, I want to encourage you to always be thinking about asking someone to host a party. Here’s why: would you rather have one sale with just one person or have a party with 8-10 sales? I think you know the answer here. So ask every. single. person. you know if they’re interested in hosting a party and let THEM decide. I bet you will be surprised who says yes!

Now, let’s say someone responds to you with a YES! What’s your next step? It all starts with a strong strategic plan, communication, and open partnership with your hostess.Here are a few tips and tricks:

1. Secure the date

People are busy but we can help them find the time. It is so important to give them 3-4 dates in order to limit their choices and eventually help them make a decision right on the spot. You don’t want to tell your hostess your whole month is open and ask them to pick a date. Not only it is overwhelming for them, but it is more likely they won’t be able to make a decision right away.

2. Set clear expectations

From party planning to preferred communication method, set clear expectations so that you and your hostess are both on the same page and not confused with all the details and responsibilities. Are you going to be handling all the behind the senses such as party set up and invites? Is your hostess going to be the one who gets everyone excited about the party and share on social media? Discuss these little details with your hostess.

3. Keep the momentum

While we can’t keep our parties from cancelling because things happen, there are a few ways that can help us to have less cancellation.

(1) People book you because they like you. They’re less likely to cancel if you connect with them in a more relational way and make them feel supported and cared for.

(2) Send out invitations and get the event details up on social media immediately after they’ve confirmed. Momentum is everything. If there are 10 people signed up for your event on the first day, chances are you’re going to do it!

(3) So often, your hostess cancels because they are afraid they will let you down. Ask questions and think of other creative ways to help your hostess succeed. E.g, A free gift for anyone who brings a friend.

So there you have it. I hope you will have a successful party with your hostess! 

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