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3 Ways to Grow Your Direct Sales Business During the Holiday Season

If you are wanting to get your business off to a strong start or have decided to start your business back up, the last few months of the year are the best time to jump in!!   There are three things you can do that will get your business up and running.


1. Host a shopping event at your house. 

The holiday season is the prime time where people are going to be purchasing gifts, so why not take this as an advantage for your business and have them purchase from you?! Keep it simple but make it fun!  Have a theme with yummy munchies and drinks. Offer special discounts and do some really fun giveaways for anyone that hosts a party. Remember, this is also a time to give back to your customers!


2. Look for vendor events/trade shows in your area. 

They are everywhere during the holiday selling season!! People are out looking for great gifts for the holidays and in a party mood. Make sure to have a fun and inviting looking booth set up. Have some cute gift bags or wrapped baskets out for everyone that books a party with you. Do a little shopping yourself.  There are SO many great things at Holiday boutiques!

3. Book lots of parties by reaching out. 

Believe it or not…this is the time to party!!  People are in a party mood. They are going to see their friends for social gatherings in the Fall.  Why not be the person to reach out with a fun theme idea for them to host?  I love parties with apple cider, Christmas tea, cookie exchange, and the best are Favorite things parties where I do lots of giveaways like Oprah’s Favorite Things show used to do!

So there you have it! 3 simple ways to grow your business during the holiday season! I can’t wait to see all your fun pictures captured at your party!

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