Brad and I are down at the beach this week getting a taste of what the term “empty nester” will be all about while Isabel spends some time in Florida with her friend.  Pure sadness and sweetness!

As I’ve been working at our beach house this week I am reminded of my early days with my direct sales business.  When I started I had no idea where it would take me.  I had a why for my business to help pay for some bills when Brad had lost his job.  The key is… I had a why!

My “why” has changed so many times in my direct sales career but I have always had one and realized the importance of my why!  My dream was to have a beach house some day and that became my why at one point in my direct sales business as well.  A beach house seemed like a CRAZY why to put out there but guess what… it happened!! 

As I am reflecting, I’ve asked myself, what if I had not dreamed and gone big with my why?  Would I be down here this week working my direct sales business from my beach house?  If I’m being honest, I don’t think I would be.  Over the years, things have been hard with my direct sales business and at times I have wanted to quit. 

Have you ever felt that way with your business?

But, my why has kept me focused on the big picture of why I am doing what I am doing instead of how hard it feels during a difficult time. Do you have a BIG why for your life and direct sales business??  If you don’t, I challenge you to think about it, pick a why, and go for it!!  It will change everything!

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