Have you ever got really close to starting a Direct Sales business, but just couldn’t make a decision? Maybe you had a lot of questions that you weren’t able to find answers to. Maybe you were scared of fear, rejection, or what “everyone else would think” if you started in Direct Sales.

In this episode, I share my near decade of experience with people who are considering starting their own Direct Sales journey. I’m answering key questions that I get often prior to people starting their own direct sales business. We chat about everything from who Direct Sales is REALLY for, to picking the right product, how much time you’ll need to invest, and what you should consider before joining anyone’s team!

Chances are you’ll leave this podcast knowing the exact questions to ask, what to research, and feeling excited about getting started with YOUR business!

If you have any questions or comments, you can always reach out to Kris at succeedandshinekris@gmail.com.


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