You guys…having a Direct Sales business isn’t hard.

I think they’re a lot of things that qualify as “hard” in life, and getting to meet new people, sell products that you love, and help others be able to add an additional stream of income to their family doesn’t qualify.

But, I know that as human beings we tend to overthink thing and make them more complicated than they have to be as we worry about all the “what-ifs”. So today, I want to take one thing off your list of things to worry about— and that’s how to ensure you start (or restart) your direct sales business off with a BANG!

Are you ready to hear the secret to success?

  1. Enroll.
  2. Choose 2 dates on your calendar to have launch parties to invite over your family and friends.
  3. “Pre-book” as many family and friends as you can, while you’re inviting them to your launch party.
  4. Focus on booking parties at each show.

    That’s your formula! Simple, right?

    Take a look at this video where I break it ALL down for you! Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to having so much fun, making great money, and meeting new friends! That sounds like the definition of success to me.

Another fun thing about this formula is that it works at anytime, not just when you’re brand new! If you need to restart or breathe new life into your business, take this same approach. Host your own launch party, just like when you first started. As you call to invite your friends, family, past customers, and hostesses you’ll feel the excitement return and your momentum will build.

I want to hear from you! Did you start your business off with a launch party or two? Let me know your favorite piece of advice in the comments!

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