This time of year always makes me reflect. I am so grateful for the time I have had with Isabel this last year before she graduates. She has been so busy applying to colleges, and the essays she has had to write for her college applications have been so incredible and inspiring to me. I love to hear her story and what being a part of direct sales has meant to her.  Being involved in the different aspects of my direct sales business has helped Isabel in so many different areas of her life, from her confidence to being able to speak in front of people. It has been so unbelievable to see her grow into the empowered young business woman that she is!

This past summer Isabel was able to do her internship with me working as an executive assistant for my direct sales business. On the last day of Isabel’s internship we decided to make a video and share her experiences and how she feels about being a part of my direct sales business. We talk about everything from her favorite parts of being involve in my direct sales business to what she’s learned interning with me this summer. When people ask me, “Is it a good idea to include my family and kids in my direct sales business?” my answer is yes, 100 percent, incorporate them in your business! It has been a pretty amazing experience for Isabel (who was 10 when I first started) to be a part of it all!

We had so much fun making this together and hope you all enjoy. Be sure to leave your questions and comments below!



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