41: Success Chats: A Conversation With Tricia Edmundson

Tricia Edmundson is a Wife, Mom of 2, and a Top Leader with Thirty One Gifts. In fact, she has the distinction of promoting through Thirty One’s career path faster than any other consultant!

In our conversation, Tricia gives insights on what motivates her, how to consistently book parties, recruit, building confident leaders, and she also shares why she chooses to aim for harmony, rather than balance.

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39: Success Chats: Belinda Ellsworth

I’m excited to introduce a new, ongoing series where I have the chance to chat with some of the most successful leaders, speakers and trainers in the Direct Sales Industry! “Success Chats” will explore how our guests began their business along with their best tips, ideas, and philosophies about success.

We’re kicking off this series in a BIG WAY! When I first began my direct sales business, I attended a conference where Belinda Ellsworth was a speaker. It was listening to Belinda that transformed how I approached my business. I credit Belinda with teaching me practically everything I know about Direct Sales, so it was an incredible honor to get to spend some time chatting with her about her incredible journey.

Here’s Part 1 of my chat with Belinda Ellsworth.

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