Can you believe October is next week? I know, crazy right?! I love to plan ahead for my business as well as my personal life this time of the year so that when the new year comes, I am ready to dive in and crush it. And I want you to reach success in your life too, so here are 12 winning thoughts to help you get your mindset in the right place.

1.Know your values!
What is important to you and aligned with your values? It’s so important to do a self-assessment to understand what YOU stand for. So when something comes up with my top values, I won’t have any issues anymore deciding what to do. I can determine my next step very easily.

2. Focus!
Only do things that will get your results and accomplish your goals. We are human and we can’t do everything and make everyone happy. Focus on one task at a time and do it really well then move on to the next one. 

Create a list based on the level of importance and priority. 

Stick to your list. You need to get a call and get all doctor appointments scheduled but you see the latest line up of concerts come in on your email.  

Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do

3. What is your weather on the inside?!
Whatever is going on around you, you can choose to have sunshine or storms.  Sunny makes success!

4. Sluff it off!!
Don’t be a perfectionist.  It is the kiss of death.  If something goes wrong, have a 10-minute pity party and move on!

5. Assume the best in people and in situations.

  • Zig Ziglar, his daughter talked about a sever having a bad day and what he taught her. 
  • If someone cuts you off on the road, assume that they didn’t see you. If someone is rude to you, assume that they have a sick parent they are taking care of.  If your hubby snaps at you, assume that he is having a bad day and it is not about you.

6. Don’t be a Know it All!
Know what you know and be comfortable in what you don’t.  In every decision you make, are you proud of yourself?  If you are not proud of yourself for something, fix it.  There is no one you can disappoint more than yourself.

7. Lift other up!
Whenever you can make others look smarter than you!  With your kids, make them the expert as often as possible.  When we need something to work like the Bose speaker at the beach, I could figure it out, but go right to one of the kids to let them win!

As a leader always highlight other ideas when you can!

8. Be willing to look stupid!

  • Share the mistakes you make and laugh!  This will not only connect you to others because you are real!  Yes, everyone makes mistakes and most people can’t be comfortable in them. 
  • Laughing at yourself for mistakes will give you confidence.

9. Don’t overthink things.  

It will stop you from taking the chances you need to take to achieve your dreams.  Dreams are achieved with lots of mistakes!

10. Schedules and lists buy freedom

11. The 3-minute rule!
If a task only takes you 3 minutes or less, do it immediately!

12. Practice listening to your gut.
The more you act on those thoughts, the better you will get at making the right choices for you!

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